Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Job Hunting already

I thought I had an infallible idea. I wanted to focus my job hunt on the Kansas City Symphony. I love music so I figured, mesh it with communications and get a job I would love. So I was in my advisor's, Les, office today because he needed to sign my internship papers. Les was asking me if I wanted to work at the Humane Society after I graduated. I said, no, that I was looking at the KC Symphony and he goes, "I have someone for you to talk to." Score! He gave me the contact information of a classical music critic for the Kansas City Star who has connections with the Symphony so I sent him an email today. Wouldn't it be great if this all worked out?

Now I'm trying to figure out my living expenses if I were lucky enough to get a job paying around $20,000 a year. It looks very feeble, folks.

All I want to do is get a real job and live on my own!

Monday, August 23, 2004

Get a job you damn Gypsy!

So Outback is frequented by this gypsy family that is notorious around Wichita. More specifically, frequented by this one girl. She's probably around 20 or so - maybe older. She comes in all the time. One day, I was in the lounge and she sat at my table so I go over to get a drink order and she goes, "I need to talk to your manager." This girl cuts to the chase. She started talking to Mark (proprietor) about how she needed free food - for no reason. So there's a brief background on Gypsy Girl. She graced us with her presence today, and as usual, it was memorable. She walks in the door approaching the hostess stand to tell them that she cut her foot on the door on her way in and now she wants a bandage. So they give her one and she goes to the bathroom to put it on. She then limped over to the phone and one of the hostesses was standing right there and watched her dial 9-1... then claim that she had misdialed and needed to call a friend to see what she wanted from Outback. Now Mark makes his way over as she's attempting to call 911 again and basically goes off on her - calmly, which probably used more strength than I could have mustered. He tells her to leave and she stormed out the door (walking normally now), ripped the bandage off her foot and threw it on the ground. Mark told her if she ever came back, he'd call the police. It's about time! I don't understand how gypsies even litter society today. I don't understand how they get away with it. I'm just glad he's going to call the cops on her the next time she comes in.
On a brighter note, I discovered that a pin was created using my design! A couple of years ago, we were asked to contribute designs for the Heartland Area Outback pins. I handed in a rough sketch of American Gothic with kangaroos. I thought it was clever. Never heard anything about it again. Then Jen comes back to our store (she had been at an Outback in Kansas City) and she has my pin! I was so excited! So I talked to Mark about seeing it tonight and he goes, "Yeah I remember that was your idea a long time ago, where'd you see it?" I can't believe he remembered that it was my idea. But anyway I think he's going to try to get one for me. Well I should hope to shout. I would like to have the pin that I designed. I can put that baby on my resume! :)
Unfortunately, I have the large task of creating animal pictures/info on graphs that I need to mail out to local Wal Marts for the humane society.

Au revoir.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Utopia at last

After a hectic Thursday, I'm finally back in Eudora with Brett. *sigh of content* Classes started yesterday. Already, my first class was cancelled so instead of 9:30, my day started at....well, 9:45, but dentist appointments don't count. After playing with the cutest chow chow/spaniel 8-week-old puppy ever and doing other intern duties (laminating posters - yay!), I went to my IMC Campaigns class. The guy is a complete stiff - he lacks any trace of a sense of humor. The only good news I received was that the PSA that my group from my presession class (ad copywriting) is still in the running to actually be aired on TV. And I wrote the entire script and actions for it and everything. So how cool would that be? It'd be great for my resume - god knows that needs a little padding. It's down to ours and some other groups but ours is totally better. Ask Brett.
At the moment, Brett is running this big massager thing over my back and telling me to write this at the same time. It's a little difficult. Especially one-handed.
Ok back to what I was saying. So after that class, I had to go to work. Justin the Tyrant was there again but he wasn't being as big of an ass. The drive over here was excruciating. I had forgotten what it was like to drive 2 and a half hours that late. I kept nodding off and getting in the shoulder. But I made it in one piece.
I'll have to continue later. I can no longer force myself to be at all articulate and Brett wants to go get his hair cut. And get sushi. Mmm...sushi...

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Justin the Outback Tyrant

Man I hate my job sometimes. Usually love it but at times it's a pain in the ASS. So I'm at work, and I'm training this girl who used to work at Outback four years ago. When you train someone, you usually get a free meal at the end of the night. She technically wasn't supposed to get this because she had previously worked for Outback, blah blah blah whatever. But since it'd been so long, I was thinking we could talk Justin, the floor manager tonight, into giving us the new menu items that she'd never tried, even heard of before. So this is what he wrote on a ticket:
"5 oz Cyclone/ one crab [cake]/ Tower [chocolate tower cake]"
For those of you who aren't hip to the Outback lingo, that's about one meal cut in half (sans the Tower - that piece of cake is enough to feed about 12 people). So I was kinda pissed. I've trained five times and haven't gotten to partake of this training perk. And he goes, "You know what it all tastes like, she doesn't" - yet if I were to train a brand spankin' new person, I'd get that free meal and I'd know what everything tasted like then, too. To which he replied, "Tell me where's it's written down that that's how it works." What a son-of-a-motherless-goat. grr
All venting aside, I am looking forward to driving up to Eudora tomorrow night. I tell ya - that two and a half days back in Wichita really took it out of me. ;) I could use some Brett-lovin'.

Brett and me on our scooter adventure in Panama City Beach, FLA Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


This is going to be one heck of a boring post because I only created this to post something on my boyfriend's blog. I'll be creative and articulate later.

If you must be entertained immediately, visit:

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