Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Job Hunting already

I thought I had an infallible idea. I wanted to focus my job hunt on the Kansas City Symphony. I love music so I figured, mesh it with communications and get a job I would love. So I was in my advisor's, Les, office today because he needed to sign my internship papers. Les was asking me if I wanted to work at the Humane Society after I graduated. I said, no, that I was looking at the KC Symphony and he goes, "I have someone for you to talk to." Score! He gave me the contact information of a classical music critic for the Kansas City Star who has connections with the Symphony so I sent him an email today. Wouldn't it be great if this all worked out?

Now I'm trying to figure out my living expenses if I were lucky enough to get a job paying around $20,000 a year. It looks very feeble, folks.

All I want to do is get a real job and live on my own!

Job hunting sucks, and yes I know I am setting myself up here so let loose the low blows Jill.
Why would there be any low blows from me on that comment? Who better than me to agree with the statement, "job hunting sucks"?
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