Saturday, October 09, 2004

A Symphonic Blunder

Well, I knew I'd screw this up somehow. I updated my resume and wrote a cover letter and mailed it off to the symphony. I had looked it over again and again because it had to be flawless. Not so. I mailed it off Tuesday. Thursday, I was looking through a bunch of resumes (we're critiquing them for my portfolio class - our own) and it wasn't until then that I realized that I forgot to sign my cover letter. There's this big blank space at the end where my signature should be. Also, I was inconsistent with the way I used "Kansas" in my resume. I use the following: "Kan.," "Kansas," and "KS." That's it - they're not going to call me. I might as well start looking for other possibilites. I can't believe I didn't catch all that. :(

In other news... well, I guess there isn't other news. Except that my computer is messing up royally right now and whenever I type in a URL, a black page saying I have spyware on my computer pops up. The only way I can get anywhere online is if I type it into the yahoo search engine and click on a link. I hate technology sometimes.

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