Thursday, April 10, 2008


That's me with the white Jayhawk flag, I'm on Brett's shoulders - you can kinda see his shoulders, and kind of make out the shadow of his hat in front of the flag; and to the bottom right corner of the flag is Lisa in the red sweatshirt!!

What are the freaking odds?!?!?!

That's a crappy small version; here's a link to it and you can enlarge it here.

Additional Pictures from KU's monumental game & the aftermath

Regrettably, these are not my own pictures, but they're awesome nonetheless.

Roy rooting on the 'Hawks

Super Mario!!!
Do you think they're happy?
Darrell Arthur & Matt Kleinmann

The group - I like Sasha Kaun there in the middle

Super Mario's miracle shot

Mass St on Monday night

Somewhere between 40 and 60 thousand! I've heard both.

Aerial view of Mass St

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

KU!!! - 2008 National Champs!

Lawrence, KS. I wouldn't have been anywhere else Monday night. Brett, our friend/his classmate Bova and me watched that unbelievable, edge-of-your-seat game at his sister's apartment in Lawrence, and superstitions ruled. Do we wear the beads or don't we (no - they ended up being terrible luck)? Most of us were wearing the same exact outfits we wore when KU tromped on North Carolina and Roy. I donned the same stick-on Jayhawk tattoo and same bright blue KU-shoes. You could hear people from all over Lawrence cheering, chanting, shooting off fireworks.

And I have to admit it was pretty cool of Roy Williams to be in the crowd, wearing a Jayhawk button and cheering for KU.

Then we fell behind - it was deathly quiet in that apartment when we were down by 9 with little more than 2 minutes left in the game. Bova was on the deck because she couldn't bear to watch it. Next thing you know, they're missing their free throws and then Chalmers - SUPER MARIO - hits the game tying 3-pointer. And we dominated the overtime. We finally got to rush Mass Street and party like it was 1988 (as one paper put it).

No words I can write can possibly do any of this justice. So here are the photos:

I thought Brett looked adorable but he didn't think it was manly. The tattoo was removed shortly after.

Bova arrives

We are about to begin our trek to KU Country - Lawrence, Kansas. That's my tattoo from the NC game.

Our lovely and gracious hostess, Jill

The younger sister, Jaime (a.k.a. Jamamie)

Some of our watch party - from left, Bova, Jeff, Jaime and Annie (as you can see, she tried to jinx the whole game via failure to wear a KU shirt) :)

The rest of the watch party - from left, Mark, Jill and my dorky self (those are the unlucky beads)

Jaime yelling at someone to close the door!! We had opened them because one of the Memphis players was supposedly freaked out by open doors...??? Something like that. So we tried opening them to jinx him.

Brett cheered a little too rough


It turned out to be lucky. Brett bleeds KU. :)

KU just won it all in overtime. I like how all you can see of Bova is her hand holding the champagne bottle.

On our way to Mass St to celebrate

Brett and Bova

Prepping our flag

ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK. See the Mass St sign behind me? :) That's cool.

Here is a hippie streaker

The sea of people on Mass St. One count that we heard was 40,000 people, just on Mass.

'nother shot of the crowd

and another

There were a LOT of people there. Eventually it became like one massive mosh pit.

And here we are, at one of the sites of a great moment in KU basketball history. :)
Rock Chalk Jayhawk. Go KU. Long live the 'hawks, and SUPER MARIO CHALMERS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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