Thursday, April 21, 2005


Wow! I have my first interview!! I'm so excited. It is with the Metropolitan Medical Society in downtown Kansas City. The position is an executive assistant. Not exactly what I was shooting for in the long run but sooooo much better than Outback! I really hope it works out. It's in a mere five days so wish me luck!

Monday, April 11, 2005

I hate my job

I cannot stand Outback anymore. It is partially Brett's fault. He quit Outback and went to work at Ricco's, this quaint little Italian bistro in Overland Park that is not corporate and not anal like Outback. It's great. It has a completely different clientele, aka "Good Tippers." I went to see him in action on Saturday night. He made 28%!! So of course, that made me want to face another fractured thumb over the 10%-ers I'd inevitably face at Outback. I find myself going up to my tables now and thinking, "You guys look so cheap and the BEST I can hope from you is going to be 15%." I can't live off 15%. I can't live off tips anymore. I need a real job. I'm sick of the restaurant industry altogether.

Luckily, I got two great job leads this weekend courtesy of Brett's mom and a neighbor. One position is the manager of a United Way volunteer center in Lawrence. The other is a copyeditor for the American Academy of Family Physicians. Both would be wonderful but I'm really hoping for the copyeditor one. I know I could do that and do it well. I dropped my resume off in person there today and I just feel really good about this. I'm hoping something will finally happen.

Well, folks, my back hurts, I cannot breathe through my nose and my eyelids are getting droopier by the second. So I'm going to bed. Hope you enjoyed the update!

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