Monday, August 23, 2004

Get a job you damn Gypsy!

So Outback is frequented by this gypsy family that is notorious around Wichita. More specifically, frequented by this one girl. She's probably around 20 or so - maybe older. She comes in all the time. One day, I was in the lounge and she sat at my table so I go over to get a drink order and she goes, "I need to talk to your manager." This girl cuts to the chase. She started talking to Mark (proprietor) about how she needed free food - for no reason. So there's a brief background on Gypsy Girl. She graced us with her presence today, and as usual, it was memorable. She walks in the door approaching the hostess stand to tell them that she cut her foot on the door on her way in and now she wants a bandage. So they give her one and she goes to the bathroom to put it on. She then limped over to the phone and one of the hostesses was standing right there and watched her dial 9-1... then claim that she had misdialed and needed to call a friend to see what she wanted from Outback. Now Mark makes his way over as she's attempting to call 911 again and basically goes off on her - calmly, which probably used more strength than I could have mustered. He tells her to leave and she stormed out the door (walking normally now), ripped the bandage off her foot and threw it on the ground. Mark told her if she ever came back, he'd call the police. It's about time! I don't understand how gypsies even litter society today. I don't understand how they get away with it. I'm just glad he's going to call the cops on her the next time she comes in.
On a brighter note, I discovered that a pin was created using my design! A couple of years ago, we were asked to contribute designs for the Heartland Area Outback pins. I handed in a rough sketch of American Gothic with kangaroos. I thought it was clever. Never heard anything about it again. Then Jen comes back to our store (she had been at an Outback in Kansas City) and she has my pin! I was so excited! So I talked to Mark about seeing it tonight and he goes, "Yeah I remember that was your idea a long time ago, where'd you see it?" I can't believe he remembered that it was my idea. But anyway I think he's going to try to get one for me. Well I should hope to shout. I would like to have the pin that I designed. I can put that baby on my resume! :)
Unfortunately, I have the large task of creating animal pictures/info on graphs that I need to mail out to local Wal Marts for the humane society.

Au revoir.

That's cool about the pin design. Make sure you demand outrageous royalties and insurance benefits from Outback. Also make sure to bring me some food from there next time you come to Lawrence/Eudora.

People requesting free food is one of the downsides to working in food service (among many). I worked at Pizza Hut off and on for two years and found out that a.) everyone that wants something for free actually messed up in the first place and b.) it's really easy to get free food if you complain enough. To this day I could probably call Pizza Hut and get a free pizza. I've seen people do it and know how to do it... it's actually an art.
Nobody wanted free food from Buffalo Bob's...

At least no one who wanted to maintain the integrity of their cardiovascular system.
I would love some free Buffalo Bob's, a fully functioning heart is HIGHLY overrated.
I would have taken free food from Bob's.

I guess there's a big difference between a pizza delivery service and the normal sit-down restaurant (for the majority of my time at pizza hut I worked at a store that was only delivery or carry out).
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