Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Justin the Outback Tyrant

Man I hate my job sometimes. Usually love it but at times it's a pain in the ASS. So I'm at work, and I'm training this girl who used to work at Outback four years ago. When you train someone, you usually get a free meal at the end of the night. She technically wasn't supposed to get this because she had previously worked for Outback, blah blah blah whatever. But since it'd been so long, I was thinking we could talk Justin, the floor manager tonight, into giving us the new menu items that she'd never tried, even heard of before. So this is what he wrote on a ticket:
"5 oz Cyclone/ one crab [cake]/ Tower [chocolate tower cake]"
For those of you who aren't hip to the Outback lingo, that's about one meal cut in half (sans the Tower - that piece of cake is enough to feed about 12 people). So I was kinda pissed. I've trained five times and haven't gotten to partake of this training perk. And he goes, "You know what it all tastes like, she doesn't" - yet if I were to train a brand spankin' new person, I'd get that free meal and I'd know what everything tasted like then, too. To which he replied, "Tell me where's it's written down that that's how it works." What a son-of-a-motherless-goat. grr
All venting aside, I am looking forward to driving up to Eudora tomorrow night. I tell ya - that two and a half days back in Wichita really took it out of me. ;) I could use some Brett-lovin'.

If I didnt get outback for halfprice with brianne Ide never go there again.
Wow, Justin's gonna read this and get pissed.

I get no discount at Outback, and as far as my knowledge goes, the nearest Outback is nearly 12 hours away by plane, so I too will not be dining there anytime soon.

But soon after I get back me and this Justin are going to have a talk...
your knowledge sucks, they have an outback in toyko NEIL IS STUPID
I ate at Outback once.
I know this is a late comment to this post and probably nobody will read it, but I want to point out that in the same sentence Brett spelled Tokyo wrong and then called Neil stupid.
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