Friday, August 20, 2004

Utopia at last

After a hectic Thursday, I'm finally back in Eudora with Brett. *sigh of content* Classes started yesterday. Already, my first class was cancelled so instead of 9:30, my day started at....well, 9:45, but dentist appointments don't count. After playing with the cutest chow chow/spaniel 8-week-old puppy ever and doing other intern duties (laminating posters - yay!), I went to my IMC Campaigns class. The guy is a complete stiff - he lacks any trace of a sense of humor. The only good news I received was that the PSA that my group from my presession class (ad copywriting) is still in the running to actually be aired on TV. And I wrote the entire script and actions for it and everything. So how cool would that be? It'd be great for my resume - god knows that needs a little padding. It's down to ours and some other groups but ours is totally better. Ask Brett.
At the moment, Brett is running this big massager thing over my back and telling me to write this at the same time. It's a little difficult. Especially one-handed.
Ok back to what I was saying. So after that class, I had to go to work. Justin the Tyrant was there again but he wasn't being as big of an ass. The drive over here was excruciating. I had forgotten what it was like to drive 2 and a half hours that late. I kept nodding off and getting in the shoulder. But I made it in one piece.
I'll have to continue later. I can no longer force myself to be at all articulate and Brett wants to go get his hair cut. And get sushi. Mmm...sushi...

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