Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mortimer for Shortimer and the Soph-meister

Sophie's quite the attention hog.

But she usually gets her way. Here's Brett's lil sis Jaime falling for her charms.

This is how Mort sits on the couch. Also, photographic evidence that Sophie will in fact leave him alone on the rare occasion.

Mortimer with Duke, Brett's other dog that lives with his mom.

Brett's older sister Jill's cat Jack (haha - Jack and Jill) showing Mort who's the boss.

Mortimer checking out Brett's new video game.

Mort's big eyes

My FAVORITE - Mort just discovered he can jump up and drape his paws over the railing. Here he is surveying the golf course.

Full view

Mortimer's our horse and Sophie's our warden. She is completely convinced she runs the place.
Mort has not had a very good day. He got snipped this morning. That's the only bad thing that happened to him, but I'm pretty sure that would ruin a dog's entire day. Poor guy. He's resting now. But he was starting to hump. And let me tell you - it's frightening when a 55-lb puppy wraps his enormous front paws around your WAIST. *shudder* But there you have it. Those are our pups!

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