Tuesday, October 10, 2006

They must have a quota to meet.

I don't know what is going on lately, but I have experienced a dramatic influx of spam in my email. I'm talkin' out-of-control proportions here, people.

Rarely do I check my email over the weekends: (a) because why read emails that are perfectly good time killers for work?, (b) I'm soaking up my time with Brett because I barely see him during the week, and (c) when I don't see Brett I'm usually bogged down with things like laundry and keeping the apartment looking decent.

So I'm checking my email yesterday morning, and usually my bulk folder has a handful of crap emails. But yesterday, there were 63 messages! This morning there were another 19. What the heck is going on?? Some crafty little spammers are even finding ways to bypass bulk folders now. A few of those emails are popping up in my regular inbox.

This has got to stop. It's just flippin' ridiculous.

Go to download.com and search for "ad aware" and download the program called, fittingly, "Ad-Aware". It's a really good program to run on your computer once or twice a week to kill spyware that accumulates on your computer, and it takes like a minute to download and install.

Even if you have an anti-virus program (which if you don't I suggest AntiVir by Lavasoft which you can get on download.com as well), it won't catch all the spyware, and thus Ad-Aware rules.

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