Friday, October 27, 2006

I am so scared right now...

Last night, I did something stupid. I thought it would be fun to scare myself. So I watched VH1's Celebrity Paranormal Project. This first episode sent five celebrities to Waverly Hills Sanitorium. What they do is these guys get dropped off and the crew leaves so all they have are their own cameras, as well as a couple of security cameras placed in the building they'll be exploring. But that's it. Then they send them in there two at a time, in complete and utter darkness - the only light they have is attached to their little head camera things. And oh. my. God.

Evidently, Waverly Hills was used during the tuberculosis epidemic in Louisville in the '30s. The disease ran so rampant that a patient died every hour - they say that 63,000 people died at Waverly alone. There are reports of shadow people, a doctor roaming the hallway, ghosts of children and unexplained noises...among other things. *shudder*

So anyway, at one point, Hal Sparks was sent to the place where the children were allowed to play. He threw a couple balls to try to lure the ghost kids out and one of the balls rolled back to him on its own. And then he saw the shadow of a young boy walk across a wall!!!!!! He said he saw lit eyes but I must've missed that. Oh my God so creepy...

Then this other girl and Gary Busey were sent to a room, and they had a thermal camera or something. They didn't see anything for a few seconds but then something moved right by them and they said they felt really cold, and you heard a sound on the bed near them. And then, this is such bullshit, if it were me I would have ran crying and screaming from the room, they left the girl in there by herself after they'd seen all this!!!!!! Oh HELL no.

At one point, Hal said he felt someone push him from behind... You could hear these sounds with them, too. You heard footsteps in the hallway, people screaming down the hall. You can watch the clips on the link above.

I'm all for scaring myself, I think it's fun. I get pleasant chills when I hear ghostly accounts from people I know. But man, this was too much. I was so freaked out. How dumb of me to watch this.

Oh, I was all by myself, too. Brett was at a study group. But right after the show ended, he called me saying he was on his way. He hadn't had any dinner so he asked me to stick a frozen dinner in the microwave for him. I didn't even want to leave the room I was so scared... But I finally did, and took Duke with me.

Here's where it starts getting creepy for real. Duke usually follows me around everywhere in the apartment. But for some reason, he wouldn't stay in the kitchen. He kept wanting to go to the hallway and his tail was wagging and everything. I'd call him to me and he'd look, and then turn around and try to head for the hallway. I am probably just paranoid, but when he is usually attached at my hip, and then all of a sudden wants to go to something else... that freaks me out.

Then later that night, I woke up in the middle of the night and I swear I heard popcorn popping. I swear. I thought Brett had gotten up to make some but I felt his foot against mine. So I'm SUPER creeped out now. And then I see Brett kinda sit up and I know he can hear it, too and is thinking the same thing I am. After a bit, he laid back down and pulled the covers over his head. I followed suit. I tried to force myself to think that it was just the drain outside 'cause it was raining, but it sounded so unnervingly like popcorn being popped and it sounded like it was coming from behind us, in the kitchen, instead of outside....

This morning, I asked Brett if he'd heard what sounded like popcorn. And he goes, "I heard a lot of weird noises last night." *shudder*

It doesn't help that we are convinced a ghost is following Brett around. Maybe not honestly convinced but weird things have happened. Like when we left his room and came back a few minutes later and the light fixture over his bed had fallen where he was sitting only moments before. Or when we knew we'd closed a door and then looked again and it was wide open. It's freaky, man...

Oh yeah, and here's the ANTM recap. I don't want to talk about the show at all. I cannot believe that they eliminated Brooke. They had no valid reason to, and lots of valid reasons for other girls. Why Brooke?! I sincerely believe that it's rigged, now. Something is amiss in ANTM world.

But they had to pose with Fabio, which made me think of this fun site I came across. hehe

Plus, I did like the scary photos they did. I wish they posted all the final shots online.... But I'm going to leave you with Scary-Eyed Anchal.

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