Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Of candles and credit reports...

Yesterday I had an acute case of post-birthday blahs. For some reason, I decided that instead of a birthday cake, I wanted to get four little cakes and then everyone could get what they wanted, and they would be dainty and I could have champagne with them. I thought that would be classy.

**Note to self: DO NOT stray from tradition.

As it turns out, that's not what I really wanted. So yesterday I was lamenting the lack of a real birthday cake. Brett sprung into action to make me happy. Awwwww... So we went to Hen House for cake mix so he could bake me a real cake. As you all well know, this requires birthday candles. This is the moment where my new age really hit me and made me feel old: we had to get two boxes of candles. One box contains only 24 candles....just one shy of what we required. I remember when one box would last me several birthdays. Now I need two?! Holy cow...

This little fact did not go unnoticed by the cashier even.


Well anyway, we went back home and Brett made me a scrumptious birthday cake. That was the sweetest thing ever. I was really touched.

One gift I received over the weekend was a book from my mom entitled, The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke by Suze Orman, money guru extraordinaire. I finally cracked it open today and was shocked at how well this lady knows her stuff! I haven't made it past page 27 and already I am lauding its informative and truly helpful qualities.

This prompted me to check out my credit report (God I'm old...) because I never had and was curious about it. All are, thankfully, sterling. Although I found a few credit cards on there that I thought I'd cancelled. Apparently not. Good to know, though. Not only that, but a credit card was listed that I have never had before in my life. What the heck? I mean at least it's reporting that I pay my phantom bill on time but that's still a bit odd.

In work news, I was informed of something the other day that really lit a fire under my ass to start looking for a new job. Apparently, a couple guys in the office were told on Monday that their positions no longer exist, but if they were so inclined, they could stay on and work for 100% commission (for new business). The guy I talked to said that he refused the offer and his last day is Friday. I assume the other guy will follow suit, seeing as he has two kids, and that would be hard as hell to support them on commission. And where does that leave the future of the company?? I'm not saying I know what I'm talking about but if they both leave, that leaves our staff at the two partners, me and Phil...a graphic designer. And what are they going to do with just us??? So because of this turn of events, not to mention the fact that I am perpetually bored out of my mind because I get no work AND because it's been well over a year and I haven't even gotten a cost-of-living raise which I so desperately need, I started looking for new jobs immediately. I've sent off a couple of resumes so far and intend to keep looking. Fervently.

Wish me luck. It took me a year to find this job last time around...

Always go for the cake,'s too short, and you're certainly not getting any younger. :-) As for your job, get out NOW. The writing's on the wall. In neon highlighter. You would be much more valued elsewhere. Thing that's different THIS time around is that you have an extra year of real-world experience to put on that resume. Apply NOW!
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