Thursday, August 10, 2006

Feminism takes another leap

Ladies, did you ever lament the fact that guys could pee whenever nature calls because they can do it standing up, yet we have so many limitations? Well not anymore! The product that took Europe by storm is now available online. The same Web site that brought you the Boyfriend Arm Pillow, your very own Home Colonoscopy Kit and the Horseback Workout (which looks like they're advertising somethin' else if you know what I mean; strictly for females!) now brings you.......the P-Mate.

Never again, ladies, will we have to hold onto a tree trunk on a severely sloping hill to avoid a mess, or get our derrieres anywhere near a filthy, disgusting Port-o-Potty seat. Oh no. This is the next logical step in total men-women equality: the ability to pee standing up!

As for me? I think I can hold it...

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