Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

I was taking some trash out to the dumpster yesterday evening and stopped to talk to Keila, who lives below us. She was outside supervising her two little boys. Anyway, we were talking for a while, and then Halle, another neighbor, joined us, and then Keila's husband Matt came out as well. Halle made a comment about the Jeep that was parked in the best spot right by the building and she says, "I hope she gets bird shit all over that Jeep of hers." Apparently, the woman who lives across the hall from us parks her Jeep there and then leaves town. Now that's just not right. That is downright selfish. A while back, there was this Escalade that would always park in the same spot that wasn't an actual spot. And she would park it at this huge angle and it made it difficult for people to get around. It really pissed me off because it's like - lady, just because you have an Escalade does not make you special. Why can't you walk 200 feet? It is no big deal. Everyone else has to do it now and again.

So I put my frustrations in an anonymous letter and put it under one of her windshield wipers. Ha HA! I was a bit more articulate in the letter. This was a while ago so forgive my poor memory of it, but I know I laid down the point that it was NOT a parking spot. I also said something along the lines of, "If there was an emergency requiring an ambulance, their response time would lag and they would have trouble getting through because of you," or something like that.

I thought that would be a good topic to bring up last night when Halle made her comment. I was just going to say, "Do you guys remember that Escalade that would always park askew right over there?" but all I got out was the Escalade (well actually I said Navigator because I had a massive brain fart and couldn't remember which SUV it was for the life of me) and Keila goes, "That was my mom!"

Hmm... oh....

Then she went on to say, "Someone put a note on her windshield and I was so happy!" She turned to me and put a hand on my shoulder and goes, "I knew it was you but I didn't want to say that to her."

Aaah! How did she know it was me?! I tried to be all sneaky about it!

Keila continues, "I'm so proud of you for doing that!! We're not mad, no my mom is crazy. She thinks she's entitled. She even parks in handicapped spots and she's not handicapped. Matt and I told her all the time not to park there but she wouldn't listen to us! We laughed our butts off over that letter."

Whew! At least they weren't mad. Quite surprisingly, they were...well, gracious. Odd. But I thought that was hilarious! And hey - I haven't seen anyone park there since.

That gave me a good laugh. And a good blush. I was a bit embarrassed for getting caught.

So our weirdo rabbit Gilbert has an appointment to get his little bunny balls chopped off. He is nuts, I swear [no pun intended]. He will jump back and forth in his cage, he'll stomp on the bottom of his cage using his hind legs [I think we should change his name to Thumper; it's so applicable it wouldn't even be cliche]. I thought he was finally litterbox trained, too but apparently he isn't. He used to just pull his litterbox away from his corner where he does all his bunny business, but now he knows how to dump the entire thing over - which makes a huge mess. Squirting him with a water bottle does NOT work. Oh, and he also chews on the plastic things on his litterbox that kind of hook it to the cage. They no longer are functional. So yeah, the balls need to go.

Monday, June 12 is the big day. It'll be $95 but I think it'll be worth it. Brett and I are going to split the cost. Then we'll finally have a mellow bun to play with.

I need to get pictures of him on here... he really is a cute bun. I'll work on that.

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