Monday, June 05, 2006

Jazzoo Fug

Jazzoo. It's Kansas City's rockin'-est party. It's a benefit for the zoo and the majority of the attendees are stupidly wealthy. Every fancy restaurant in the area (and some outside of it) have booths lined up along the walkways. There is a smattering of beverage booths stocked with only the best alcohol, numerous mixers and soda. Live bands are scattered throughout the park. And it's all free. However, tickets will set you back anywhere from $150 apiece to $250.

Brett and I got to go.

It was pretty amazing. A guy in my office serves on the board and he had a couple of extra tickets. Extra tickets with a VIP parking pass. So naturally, I pounced on the opportunity. Somewhere between slipping a dress on and touching up the makeup, I had a shocking lapse of judgement. The shoes. I decided to wear my stilettos. Yes. That's right. My black stiletto pumps. They are damn cute and nothing goes better with that dress but - holy geez - my feet were killing me before we even got in. Right outside the entrance by the way, there was a real, live steel drum band playing! It was awesome. I mean I knew there'd be live music but they were so good, Brett and I thought it was coming out of speakers! But yeah, the shoes - I spent approximately half of the evening carrying the shoes because I thought I was going to die. Dirty feet don't bother me. You can always wash dirty feet. It's the blisters that span the balls of your feet that bother me. Later on in the evening, Brett got me a stiff drink to "ease the pain." It didn't work but the drink was good. Grey Goose on the rocks with a twist of lime.

Anyway, walking through the main building to get to the zoo now... we got handed a trio of flashy necklace things. At first I thought they were cheesy but they were pretty sweet when it got dark. One of them was a flashing martini glass from Houlihan's, another was a flashing star from the Kansas City Star, and another was a round flashing beer necklace. So yeah, then we got to the food. Pachamama's was there! That is the restaurant that Brett and I went to for our one-year dating anniversary. It is amazing. The restaurant whose fare I really wanted to sample was The Peppercorn Duck, though. That's the restaurant that sits atop the Hyatt Regency Hotel. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about it. We never did find it... darnit... And I'm even more disappointed now because I checked out their menu online this morning and the entrees are priced between $32 and $50! So there's no way Brett and I could just go eat there on our own sometime.

Unfortunately, the animals were blocked off, but whilst we were resting on a bench, a peacock wandered by.

One of the bands was The Licks, a Rolling Stones cover band. And man, they were good. The lead singer sounded uncannily like the one and only Mick Jagger.

So Jazzoo is a good time! I doubt we'll ever get to go again!

Saturday night, after chillin' poolside all day, we took in a movie. Neil, the roomie, wanted to rent a couple movies so Brett and I tagged along. You know those racks with the 2 for $20 movies? I bought a couple. I couldn't help myself. I got "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" (which is actually pretty good) and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", which Brett still has not seen. A coworker lent me "Just Friends" and I also watched that over the weekend and it was surprisingly funny. It wasn't stupid like I suspected it might be. I highly suggest you all check it out.

The movies we rented? "Shopgirl" (I've been wanting to see that since it was in theatres) and "Kung Fu Hustle". That was Brett's pick. Since I so stubbornly refused to see it in theatres, I gave in this time. It. Was. Awesome. Again - HIGHLY recommend you all see this movie. Kind of cartoonish, but most entertaining and I would watch it again if I had the time and it didn't have to go back so soon.

That is why I buy movies rather than rent them. Amazon, people. Amazon.

And I'm not sure if people like these or not so I won't actually post it, but I'll link it. It's another laugh-out-loud entry from Go Fug Yourself. I think I just might have a new favorite expletive phrase...

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