Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Goodbye Shadow... you old Pearhead

Awww, here's a baby Shadow, bounding toward the camera. She was definitely a playful puppy, there's no doubt about that.

She would drive Shugie crazy (yes, mom, I know you guys spelled it "Sugie" but I like to spell it more phonetically... besides, I always thought it was "Shugie"). Shugie passed away last year. She was a sweet dog. We got her when I was nine.

Shugie had a hard time outrunning Shadow. This was a common sight.

Shugie and Shadow really had an appreciation for nature... as long as nature had squirrels in its branches.

Chasing squirrels is an exhausting pasttime.

I always thought this was a creepy picture... Shadow looks more like a black ET with a wig. Or some kind of alien lifeform here... I liked hangin' out with the Shad-meister.


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