Monday, May 01, 2006

Go Fug Yourself sample

This was hilarious - I just had to post it.

The Fug Life

Dear Paris Hilton,

Put them away.


The 6 Billion Residents of the Planet Earth. We've ALL seen them already.

PS: Despite the fact that you're desperately wearing it open to the waist, that dress is cute, and your hair looks sweet. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO AND EFF IT UP?

I will 2nd that notion! I am soooo sick of Paris Hilton I could puke. I think it's mainly because she's so spoiled rotten filthy rich it's not even funny, and I'm just jealous. But seriously.... I'm sick of her and her cute little body, she makes me want to barf!
She's the stupidest person alive, too. She thought that Wal-Mart made walls. She didn't know that London was in the UK, and thought that everyone in Europe spoke French.

Actually, at first I thought someone had taken a picture of someone else and "pasted" Paris's head on it. Maybe because I live on planet "old", I'd never seen this part of Paris before.
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