Friday, May 19, 2006

Blowing off steam... this will take 2 seconds I promise

*sigh* I started today in such a good mood. I actually got 8 full hours of sleep. I woke up chipper. It's Friday. I've got my tickets to see The Da Vinci Code tonight, which I am excited for despite the lackluster - and some downright scathing - reviews; I bet those reviewers were Catholic.

Anyway. I wrote a block of copy for a client. I thought it was pretty good. I took my direction and ran with it. So then I never got any feedback, and the guy whom I sent the copy to walked by my desk so I asked him how it worked. And he goes, "Oh it was okay, I had to tweak it a lot but it eventually worked." Umm.. Who is the copywriter here? That's right, it's ME, not him. So then just a few minutes ago he comes up and says, "Hey, Rob wants to talk to us about this copy." He got praised on the layout. I got blasted for "my" copy. And that really pisses me off, you know? Because I'm getting criticized for something I didn't even write. And I'm going to go talk to him about this as soon as he gets off the phone because that is really just plain mean. After Rob was done, this guy goes, "So do you wanna go fix those things?"

Gimme a gun....

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