Thursday, April 06, 2006

Second Chance Prom

That was the rockin-est prom ever!! Oh my goodneess what a blast. I'll find some pictures to post once the Buzz puts them on their website or Brett gets them off his phone. I've been kicking myself since last night for not bringing our own camera. Everything was better this time around. Everything. As Brett dubbed it, this was Prom Done Right. My senior prom chose this sub par venue which is located behind a big rig park. They used to hold it at the Indian Center downtown, by the river - a place 10 million times classier than the freaking Cotillion. Prom Done Right? A beautiful Spanish-inspired theatre with gorgeous ceilings and a grand staircase, located in downtown Kansas City. Much much much much much better. There was alcohol at this prom. The Dresden Dolls played at this prom. That was the best. I love the Dresden Dolls!

They appeared on stage wearing dresses. Both of them. Amanda was in this puffy-sleeved, off-the-shoulder purple taffeta nightmare, it was great. Brian came out in this green floaty dress (yeah, I'm on a first name basis with the Dresden Dolls, I'm cool like that). They are just hilarious. And so talented! Amanda plays keyboard (sooo awesome) and Brian plays the drums. I was a little disappointed they didn't play Girl Anachronism though. I wanted to impress (read: annoy) the people standing around me with my knowledge of every single word of that song. If you've heard it you know that is actually impressive. But they more than made up for it for their dazzling rendition of Simple Minds' Don't You Forget About Me. It was AWESOME! Everyone was jumping up and down during the "la la la's" - the girls sans their shoes, of course. Oh god, by the time we left, I took my shoes off and walked on the concrete barefoot. I don't care how gross it was, there was no way my feet would have survived had I left the killer heels on. They sure were cute though. Anyway I digress.

They had their table set up with merchandise, albums and other goods. Brett and I were checking the table out when something caught my eye - an order form for Dresden Dolls SHEET MUSIC!!! I emailed them a year and a half ago telling them they should put out some sheet music, that I would totally buy it. It was $40. It's more than 200 pages which justifies the high price tag. I can't wait. It is going to be so worth it and I will amaze everyone with Dresden Dolls songs.

The Dresden Dolls will get even more of my money once their new album comes out for real. It leaked on the Internet but that version is crappy I've heard. Gotta wait for the good quality. It will be mine.

So after a long night and very little sleep, here I am at work. And I couldn't even wear jeans and flip flops today. We have a meeting and a luncheon. Blast... I can handle it though. I'm tough.

I have to admit, you seem to have a very well put together blog here!

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