Monday, April 17, 2006

I. Hate. My. Job.

I am this close to saying f*** it all - I'm not waiting until my year is up, I'm finding a new job NOW. I am so sick of getting the constant impossible research tasks!! I am here to work my way up to copywriter. I am NOT here to do research all the time - I'm not a researcher. They never give me writing assignments yet the research assignments flow like water. If it were easy, it'd be no problem. But it's things like they gave me this morning that make me want to snap. I did all these research for a new client, including demographic research for their four main markets that they want to target. Rob told me that was "wonderful research," that it was exactly what they needed. Until this morning apparently. Two hours before they have to leave to meet with the client, he basically tells me that what I gave him was crap and that he needs demographic information for the KC metro area, not just KC MO. So I Google it, I click on every link that looks relevant and some that don't but only find Census information which only goes by county or state. So then I get told to call the Chamber of Commerce, and the person I talked to there sent me back to a web page that I had already looked at. So then Rob wants me to get the info for a few specific counties. Which I do. But then he comes up to my desk and is all, "You called the Greater Kansas City Chamber? [as if I'm retarded and called the Overland Park chamber or something equally dumb] And they didn't have that information?" I proceed to explain to him that I already looked up the demographic information for the Metro's counties and all I'd have to do is add up the numbers (maybe simple math eludes him but I'm capable of doing it) to get the Metro's information. It's like he didn't even hear that. Then he tells me to call the KCK Chamber and the Mid America Regional Council because "that information exists somewhere, find it." What the f***. I have the information in my HANDS that would take 5 minutes to add everything up and he's telling me to call these places to get it?? He's such an arrogant, hearing-impaired ASSHOLE!!! God I hate him! Why the hell doesn't he try to find it? I would LOVE to see him try. And then I'd be ready to accept a groveling apology. Seriously though, this research crap has got to stop. I am wasting my time here getting "experience" that is irrelevant! I realize that research is incorporated into the communications field somewhat - but they're asking me to do in-depth research like it's my only purpose around here. It's getting out of hand and I'm not going to put up with it if I don't have to. If I can find a better job, I'm takin' it.

Ironically, would you need to research other job opportunities before you quit?

That would seem strange, but at least worthwhile, I suppose.
Yes but it is fun research that is easy. It's not information that does not exist, like they keep asking me to find.
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