Friday, April 21, 2006

The Great Hair Debate

It's a personal, internal debate really. Methinks I might chop it all off on Saturday. Maybe... It's getting really long, which I love but... well you see, curly hair is actually finer than straight hair. You just can't tell because of the volume curls provide. But the longer curly hair gets, the more it's weighed down. So now it just feels really fine and I don't like it. I thought this was what I wanted, and I never thought I would utter these next words but I miss my volume!! I remember the days when it was just a big poof-ball. *shudder*

I want to get it cut so it hangs just below the shoulders. Nothing too drastic but it'd still be a big change. I only have one question for Mandy, my hairstylist: is it going to be poofy? If she gives the wrong answer, I'll just go for a trim.

Hey I'm on a roll here! The past couple of entries have gotten me a comment each! Hmm. I think this entry is going to put a stop to that. I apologize for the lackluster blog this morning!

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