Monday, March 27, 2006

Second Chances

Wednesday, April 5 (god it sucks that this falls on a Wednesday)is the Second Chance Prom. The best radio station in all of Kansas City is hosting it downtown at the Madrid. Their website is less than spectacular, and the pictures don't do it justice but trust me - it's a great venue. I got a dress, but I am still on the lookout for shoes. I'd love to buy a pair of Nine West shoes, they are my favorite! Take a gander at this lovely pair or this cute little pump... *note to self: stop by the Nine West store on way home from work sometime this week* I've got a great necklace to go with this ensemble - a modest, elegant diamond pendant. I know it's not very "prom" but I was going for something I could wear more than once.

I have the best boyfriend ever!!! Yesterday he bought me flowers for no reason at all. Pink daisies. At least I think they're daisies. They are beautiful! While he was buying me flowers, I was buying our bunny, Gilbert, a little bunny-harness and leash. It is so freaking adorable. Gilbert does - not - like it at all. He has chewed through half of it already. It's got two velcro straps that also have a plastic hook on them. One of the plastic hooks has been gnawed off. The velcro is still intact. We took him out front with us while we roasted vegetables on this tiny little grill Brett bought. Everyone who walked by "oohed" and "awwed" at Gilbert in his harness. Well of course - everyone loves Gilbert.

I made the BEST oatmeal raisin cookies in the world this weekend. I got my recipe here. I suggest you try this sometime. Although I didn't twist the dough into a pretzel or anything. I just dropped them onto a cookie sheet like regular cookies. They turned out absolutely amazing. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I would have paid money for these. Now that I've proven I can bake (if first given an excellent recipe), now I'm going to prove I can cook. Brett always gives me hell because I can't cook - I mess almost everything up. He's right. But tomorrow night, I'm going to cook him a feast! And I'm determined that it will be excellent. I'll post the menu on Wednesday. He doesn't usually check the blog, only the MySpace, but I know that if I post it, it'll be the one time he actually checks it. It's got to be a surprise. shhhh

This is where I leave you. The morning just flew by. I've been looking things up and watching a storm roll in (ooo goody! I hope it storms!). I've got some work-related research to conduct now. Wish me luck. I tried to get started on this on Friday and nobody I called was cooperative at all. Stupid HBA people!

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