Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Brett didn't want dinner to be a surprise so here's what I'm going to make him:

Chicken Piccata topped with capers

Broccoli and fresh green beans cooked with garlic and crushed red pepper

*Ricotta with fresh raspberries dusted with sweetened cocoa powder and drizzled with honey.

(*I'm not sure about this because he said he doesn't want dessert but this sounds so good I just want to make it anyway)

Upon perusing presentation ideas for all of these, methinks I need to serve the chicken atop a bed of angel hair pasta. That would be so good. I was thinking it would be very similar to this salmon dish at Macaroni Grill - salmon topped with this lemon butter sauce and capers, served atop a bed of angel hair pasta. It has always been my favorite! So I checked out their site to see if they still have it (they don't - dammit!) but they do have a tenderloin topped with Boursin cheese. That is the best cheese ever!! And they have risotto. Did I just not realize all this before or is this all new? I think we need to make a trip to Macaroni Grill.

Before I go off on another tangent, I will end this blogging session. Wish me luck on dinner!

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