Friday, February 10, 2006

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a mere four days away. It's going to be pretty laid back this year, or so I anticipate. I don't even want to do anything big. All I need is to be with Brett. Well... maybe some candy would be nice but not chocolate!

Ideally, I'd want a Valentine's Day reminiscent of the elementary school vday party. Those were great. Bring in a red treat and a box of those cheap, cartoon Valentines. That's what I want. Some of those heart-shaped cherry suckers, red hots, conversation hearts and a miniature Valentine with, I dunno, Curious George on it.

Last year was the big year. A dozen red roses, a new chain for my necklace, a diamond bracelet AND a ginormous box of Russell Stovers chocolates. That was good for a few years.

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