Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dave Barry

This is what I looked like when I shook hands with Dave Barry.

It was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life after the biggies like Brett, Europe, and the Rolling Stones. I got to meet my literary hero - Dave Barry. THE Dave Barry! He was in Kansas City promoting his new book, Money Secrets. And he is just as funny in real life as he is in print! I planned ahead and wore my "Dave Barry for President" shirt. It was a big hit. Prior to this event, I never once got a comment on it. I suppose I should have been more prepared when walking into a sanctuary filled to the brim with other Dave Barry enthusiasts. Many random people said things to me like, "Wow I love your shirt!" or as I was passing, "Ahh I don't have a Dave Barry for President shirt!" or even, "Hey, nice shirt."

Poor Brett. I made him sit there with me for an HOUR before it even started because I had to be in the front row. A photographer for was fluttering around, catching people unawares with her ridiculously bright flash. She came right over to me as soon as she spotted my shirt and started taking pictures. Here is one of them:

I will be making this my new profile picture.

After he was done speaking, there was a book signing. The order was determined by the numbers on people's tickets. Brett and I were numbers 325 and 326. Brett missed the better part of a KU game just so he could stand in line with me for this! Isn't he wonderful? We did eventually get up there. Brett's sister Jill has an english degree and would've appreciated an autograph by Dave Barry probably more so than Brett. Plus it was her birthday. So Brett selflessly got a signature for her instead and Dave Barry [fyi: I will always have to refer to him by first and last name because he is THAT awesome] wrote a little happy birthday message to her. How nice!

Then I got up there and the woman who was standing behind Dave Barry pointed out my shirt and he goes, "Oh hey! That's nice! Where'd you get it?" Me: "I customized it on a website myself." Dave Barry: "Wow, that looks better than the ones we were selling on the website!" Well first I felt bad that I customized it on another website and didn't buy it directly off of his. But that's a good compliment from Dave Barry, right? There was another local photographer there, Michael Doyle, who was taking pictures of all the signings and before I walked off he said that he just had to get a shot of us standing together and shaking hands in the traditional political campaign handshake. How awesome. So that picture can be viewed at this website (copy and paste):

Brett and I are the second line, all but the last picture.

Wow... I cannot believe how fast this week has gone by. It is already THURSDAY! They are actually giving me work. All week they've been giving me work! It's fabulous, but it continues to be grammatically frustrating at times. Here's a real quick example: proofing a proposal that was to go out to a client, someone here actually used "their selves" - TWICE. Oh my head.....

Brett and I will go on a trek to Wichita tomorrow. I'm so excited! I miss home! And I get to see Jessica! She's apparently really pregnant now. I'm so excited to see!! She's one of those sickeningly cute pregnant girls too. The kind that stays exactly the same shape as they were before but just with a belly. Ugh. She has only gained 5 pounds. She's due in May. I can't wait!

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