Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Alright! We got the tickets! Now where is my yamakah...

During my lunch break, I skitted on over to The Beaumont Club to purchase tickets to see Matisyahu. For those of you who think that I just experienced a phalangeal spasm, allow me to explain. Matisyahu is a truly original, incredibly talented, rapping, beat-boxing reggae artist.

He is also an Hasidic Jew.

He is frickin' amazing and Brett and I have tickets to go see him! I'm not sure how wide-spread his music has become. I'm certain he hasn't made it to the 'Ta, but in KC they've been playing King Without A Crown a lot. It's awesome, you should go check it out.

In other news, KU beat Baylor!!!! I was worried there for a minute. They were playing like poo for a while but they got their shit together for the second half. The next face-off is the biggie - Texas. But I think they can pull it off. These are some phenomenal freshmen and sophomores. :) Go Jayhawks!!

Aw darnit. They gave me research to do at work. It's vague research, too. Yuck. *sigh* Okay - I'm going to solve the mystery of why Johnson County's rich snobs don't want to pay a minimum of one million dollars for a house that is adjacent to a cemetary. That's a tough one! Pretty obvious if you ask me but hey - why not do a bunch of pointless research?? Alright! Let's do it!

I saw Matisyahu at the Wakarusa Festival last year...3 times. It was worth it every time. The problem I have is that his fame overshadows a VERY good band that he plays with. I will probably be at the show on Wednesday...
Oh...and here's me signing in with link to MY blog...all I will say is that it is a small world.....
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