Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fuggin' Funny

I recently figured out how to add a link to my sidebar here.. and so I added the site Go Fug Yourself. Very funny. Here is an excerpt.

"Yeah? So I ate some cookies. A whole lot of cookies. Wanna make something of it, bitch? Want to come over here so I can REARRANGE YOUR FACE? Huh? I didn't THINK SO.

Yeah, this IS my bitchface, BITCHES. I'm making a comeback, and it's BITCHY. I'm like the fat Shannen Doherty. I will MESS YOU UP. MESS YOU UP!

You think I look like a what? A pumpkin? Some kind of squash, is that what you said? I will squash YOU. Yeah, I'm talking to you, skinny girl with the pigtails. Aren't you the kid that took those pictures of me eating a Double Double in my car? It was PROTEIN STYLE, you know. I don't know why you people DIDN'T MENTION THAT.

For your information, I wore this dress to the Renaissance Faire last year and got A LOT of compliments on it, so why don't you just SHUT YOUR FAT FACES! Yeah, I said FAT. Like my new show on Showtime, Fat Actress, please watch it."

Oh thank you Fug girls.

Do we really need to post kirstie alley pictures? I'm trying to look out for my eyes over here.
I'm sorry - I had to do it. The picture, and the look on her face just GO with the quote. :) I promise to never post Kirstie Alley pics again.
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