Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Faceoff With the Jiffy Lube Sadists

Okay. I'm preparing myself here. INFORMING myself. Because I am in dire need of an oil change and the only place close to work is, of course, Jiffy Lube.

Let's have a recap of the last experience with Jiffy Lube:
I went in for an oil change, and I specifically said that ALL I wanted was an oil change. Twenty seconds after they get my car in there, this douchebag comes in and tells me that, at 2 years old and 25,000 miles, I need a "motor flush" to clear out all this sludgy buildup I have mysteriously acquired. The ignorant female that I am, I was suspicious but said yeah okay whatever. And subsequently got charged $50. Upon talking to individuals more informed than I who had never even HEARD of a motor flush before, I got completely irate. So my dad went and yelled at them and got me my money back.

So! I find myself in the precarious situation of having no choice but to visit Jiffy Lube again, even though I vowed never again to give them my business. So I'm going to walk in, and say very slowly because clearly they're assholes, "Listen - closely - All - I - want - is - my - oil - changed - and - my - antifreeze - changed. If - you - come - back - in - saying - I - need - something - else - and - try - to - take - advantage, - I - will - make - you - stop - and - I - will - go - someplace - else. GOT IT??"

Jiffy Lube assholes...

I don't take too kindly to being ripped off.

I will update later.


Well this Jiffy Lube experience came and went without confrontation. Good. Because I'm more talk than action. I tend to shy away from confrontations. Although I thought an issue might've been a'brewin' because one of the mechanics pulled me out of the waiting room so show me my air filters and trying to get me to buy a $20 air filter from them. And I just go, "No, I can get one cheaper than THAT." And he kind of looked at me derisively and said, "Do you KNOW how much they cost?" So I just said, "Well I know they're not $20!" So anyway, my oil is changed and all is well.

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