Monday, November 28, 2005

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (mice?)

What a spectacular Thanksgiving. I love Grandma food. It's so comforting and always yummilicious. My favorite, favorite, favorite thing ever is her cheesy broccoli rice casserole. And the turkey was so juicy and scrumptious! I was about to say I wish Thanksgiving could be every day but then we'd all be gigantic around the midsection, hmm? We talked, perused old photoalbums (Thanksgiving/Christmas/reunions from 1955 on), watched Thanksgiving episodes of "Friends," and my grandma taught me how to knit! Oh darnit!!! That reminds me - I forgot to bring it in to work today. That's okay, I have about a gazillion crosswords to keep me busy. Anyway, it was really nice.

Also during my stint in the 'Ta, I got to see a couple of friends. I saw my friend Dana's new house and she gave me a fake tree (yay!). And I went and had lunch with Jessica and her baby daddy. And I got some Christmas shopping done.

I got back to OP on Saturday. Brett and I went to dinner with his mom at Outback. I miss Outback! Is that weird? I worked there and ate there for five years and thought I'd never want it again but I really miss it sometimes. And then the Christmas tree was calling our name so Brett and I put it together.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day decorating the apartment in between loads of laundry. I got the lights on the tree, the poinsettia stick-ins stuck in, I restrung the lights on the garland (or Judy, as Brett calls it), and I put up the nutcracker and singing Santa Homer.... I even wrapped presents and put some under the tree already. Mainly so I don't have to hide them from Brett anymore. There is not a single good hiding place in or around the apartment. And of course I watched "White Christmas" whilst I was decorating. Next up: Elf.

So I'm decorating the apartment, and I see this little brown blur streak by me and behind the bookcase. We had ANOTHER stinking, filthy mouse! I actually screamed like a little girl and stood on a chair. I don't have the foggiest idea on how to set our trap. But I re-baited it with peanut butter and tried to set it at least! I saw this little bugger SEVEN times! He's a lot braver than our last mouse. And as it turns out, a lot stupider, too. Brett came home for lunch and set the trap. I saw this guy five times in the living room, once in the hallway and then again in the kitchen. So I moved the trap to the kitchen, adjacent to a floor board. Minutes later - there he was in the cage. And he was trying with all of his mousy might to escape. He was kind of freaking me out so I put the cage on the deck (it was warm so I didn't feel bad). Then I'm downstairs doing laundry, and that's when the hail storm hits. I moved my car minutes too late to the covered parking. It wasn't bad though, only pea-sized hail. I guess there was a tornado warning near Wichita, a tornado watch IN Wichita, and another tornado storming Excelsior Springs. What the hell?? It's NOVEMBER. Late November at that. But back to my point - this little mouse trapped in a cage, is out on the deck during a ferocious hail storm. When Brett came to let him go (I didn't dare try - he would've run over my hands I KNOW it), the poor little thing was scared to death! He was sitting there shaking all over! Ok THEN I felt bad. When Brett opened the cage, he said he just disappeared - that's how fast he ran off.

So we're back in the apartment, hanging out, I'm playing Tetris - and then I hear more rumbling around in the closet. I think to myself, no frickin' way. We had ANOTHER MOUSE!!! Two in one day! So we bring the trap in the room. Well it was totally my fault. My dad had given me a bag of animal crackers and I didn't unpack them very well. They were sitting on the closet floor with tank tops and stuff on top of them. So THAT'S why we have mice. Oops. :o) So I resume my Tetris playing, but on the bed instead of the floor this time, and I see another brown blur shoot behind the entertainment center. So we moved the trap over there. No sooner had I layed my head on my pillow when I heard the cage snap shut. **by the way, it's a CAGE, not a trap so it doesn't kill them* We have some mighty dumb mice. The first one avoided the trap for weeks! And this was a feisty little sucker. So Brett and I found ourselves, for the second time that night, releasing a mouse into the wild.

Damn those filthy rodents... I thought I heard another one stirring around the kitchen this morning (where I relocated the animal crackers to be thrown away). The trap is set - I wonder if I'll find another tiny mouse looking back at me when I get home.

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