Saturday, February 26, 2005

They finally caught BTK

Oh my god it's about time. They've only had a YEAR to capture Mr. Bind, Torture & Kill. In this year, the help they've had is his DNA, at least two people who have seen his face (granted, back in the '70s), and a whole slew of evidence that he himself left in parks or sent to the media. Not to mention the weekly letters he'd send out to the media. I had almost completely lost faith in the Wichita PD.... and the KBI and FBI who were also helping on this case. But I have to mention I am very relieved. This guy is now 59 years old, has a wife and kids was the president of his church. That's so creepy. Just goes to show you never can tell with people.

It sucks that Kansas's largest city gets nationwide fame because some crazy Lutheran minister who likes to torture and kill people lives there. Now Kansas isn't just the "Dorothy and Toto" state but the "BTK Killer" state. Does wonders for the tourist industry in the Sunflower State.

Hi Bri, btw.
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