Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ice Ice Baby (duh duh duh duh duh-duh-duh duh)

Well we got hit with an ice storm if I ever did see one! Absolutely ridiculous. So yes, massive ice storm came through Kansas yesterday. I woke up to freezing rain, and it didn't stop until that night - when it began snowing. Unfortunately had to go to work anyway, though I thought it would be pointless because who in their right mind would go out to eat in the middle of an ice storm? I know I wouldn't go driving if I didn't have to. We weren't anything close to busy but we still had people coming in. Mostly people who were either on their way home from work or people whose homes did not have power. I got cut at 5:45. I made it home before 7:00. I had this one table that took a good hour to eat and they all split things - that's what kept me so long. I only made $20. And I was lucky. Alex, this guy I work with, only had one table and made $3. Sad. On my way home, I kept seeing these bright, massive flashes of blue light. I had NO idea what they were. The first thing I thought was fireworks because I could hear crackling but then thought, well fireworks don't exactly flash... Then I thought a bomb - equally ridiculous. Turns out hundreds of transformers were exploding last night and that's what the blue flashes were. The crackling? Hundreds of trees cracking under the weight of the ice that had been building up on them all the live long day. Then around 8:00, our power suddenly flickered out. I was trying to call some people and my cell phone didn't work! So I figured, well that makes sense, everyone's probably trying to use their cell phones right now because nobody has power. So I tried to send a text message - still didn't work. How bizarre! So I figured it didn't matter much anyway. The power flickered on 45 minutes later. After a while, I heard this loud crash out back. The big tree in our back yard, the one that has been there forever, had split down the middle and half of it had fallen over. At first I thought it narrowly missed the house. It only hit the edge of the roof and got the gutter. Not good but could have been much worse. Then found out that another side of the tree fell down too! Poor tree! The little evergreen bush thingy we have in the front yard got so bogged down with ice it not only fell over but got uprooted in the process. I have never heard so many branches crack. It is still going on. Even earlier yesterday evening driving to work, I had to swerve around huge branches just laying in the middle of the road. Also, there was a 10-car pileup on Kellogg (highway through town)! Just crazy...
So I've been totally bored while Brett's away. I've cleaned out my closet thoroughly. Now to tackle the rest of my room. I've been trying to work out again. I'm reading. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason is fabulous and I highly recommend it!! I'm just flying through it. It feels like he's been gone forever and it's only been something like 9 days. Only 7 more days to go...

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