Sunday, December 12, 2004

"Congraduations!" -Brett Becker

That quote will be patented one day by Mr. Becker, and it will catch on.

Today is my graduation day. *cue the Pomp and Circumstance* On one hand I'm excited about it and on the other, I'm dreading it. It's three hours of virtually nothing. Yes I get to walk across the stage to accept my fake diploma (I believe the real one won't be arriving until February) and shake President Beggs' hand but my god I don't want to sit through a million other names. I really wish we did this Jayhawk-style. Every school stands up all at once and gets graduated en masse. It wouldn't be so bad if this was May. Because then, it would just be Elliott School [of Communications] grads. But in December, all the schools get together for one big ceremony. Oh well, there's free dinner afterwards. My biggest decision today is whether I want to go to Carrabba's (and get a 50% discount...hmmm) or to Joe Kelly's, this great seafood place out east which, coincidently, is where we went to after my aunt's college graduation. I remember that day vividly.

Well wish me luck - mainly that I won't trip and fall. You never know with me - I punched myself in the mouth last night. I am not making this up. Brett and I were at IHOP and I was going to put my coat on and my arm got caught and flung back up at my lip. It even bled! It was hilarious. Thank goodness you can't really see it from the front. And even if you look at it closely, it's just like I bit the inside of the corner of my mouth really really really really hard. But I digress...

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