Friday, December 24, 2004

All I want for Christmas is...

Money. My goodness, that stupid green paper has been causing me loads of stress. I need a new set of tires which will set me back $300. I have my credit card bill on which I did all my Christmas shopping (ouch), my phone bill on which I forgot to cancel my two-months-free-trial-of-Sprint-Vision, and to top it all off, I got a speeding ticket a couple weeks ago! Those coppers have been doing overtime or something. I have never seen so many cops in all my life. Why is this holiday season so special? It makes me mad because it could have been so easily avoided. I just wasn't paying any attention. I guess that's what I get. It cost me $175 to get it amended to a non-moving violation.

Not to mention - I'm trying to look for a job and save up for an apartment, but how the heck am I supposed to save up when all my money is going to bills...and that darn ticket? I recently made a list of all the things I'd need to move out. I didn't quite realize that I had nothing. I pretty much only have a table, four chairs and a microwave to my name (other than all the bedroom stuff). Oh well. I'll have a chance to work a lot here soon.

Brett leaves for Japan in four days and I'm so excited for him! I'm gonna miss him so much but he'll have a blast. I wish I could go to Japan. Now I won't feel so bad about talking about Europe so much. :)

Christmas is tomorrow! Y ay! Presents! I always enjoyed Christmas more when I was little but the one thing I like better now is the fact that I can sleep on Christmas Eve. Well I hope everyone has a merry Christmas and happy New Year! I'm out.

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