Monday, November 15, 2004

T-Minus 25 Days

Wow. I went to look at my Dave Barry day-by-day calendar to see how many days till school is out (forever) and I discovered that I haven't looked at this calendar since April 12. Probably not the best calendar for me! But it's still funny. So yeah, 25 days (including weekends) until I graduate from WSU. No more school for me! I'm just concentrating on the whole graduation thing. I wouldn't be worried except this one class I have, IMC Campaigns, has me gritting my teeth. Our last day of class is December 9. It is November 15. We have to have a 40-50 page campaign put together and presentable by the 9th and we just got back our surveys so we can actually start working on it. Our instructor gives new meaning to the word "sucks." Instead of giving us group time, he's wasting our time by showing us videos on how to market "cool" and making us "forget about the Big Brothers Big Sisters project and let's do this big outline with something completely different." So in essence, we have two projects now, only one of which we'll be presenting. And our grades depend on this one thing. In other words, whether or not I graduate depends on this one project.

I still haven't gotten the job-hunting thing down. I have a few places to look at but I have no idea if they're hiring so I guess I'll just cross my fingers and send my resume anyway.

I want a job so bad. I am getting so sick of Outback. I never thought I would. I never thought that I'd last 5 years at a restaurant and now that I have, it seemed that it would be, at the very least, bearable but I am so ready to move on.

"Elf" comes out tomorrow! I'm so excited. I can't believe how much self-control I've exercised over the 8th Season of Friends release. It has my favorite episodes on it. I might cave and buy it anyway. We'll just see how much money I make this week. ;)

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