Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Christmas Shopping and Prairie Pines

I'm so proud of myself. I have all my Christmas shopping done and wrapped! Well, except for one present for Brett but I only stopped because it was after midnight and I needed some shut-eye. Now all I have to do is put the massive ribbons on - and it's only November 30! I did, however, overlook one minor problem. I have all my presents but nowhere to put them. We're getting our Christmas tree this Saturday though and I cannot WAIT!

Every year we go to Prairie Pines for all our Christmas tree needs. It's the best tradition. It's this great place that's out in the middle of nowhere, with a great big farm that is the epitome of all that is cozy. There's always a fire going in the fireplace, there are two ginormous Christmas trees loaded with oodles of ornaments that you can purchase. By the fireplace, there are these two little nooks where they have a bunch of other decorations. And it wouldn't be perfect without a stand where you can buy hot chocolate or apple cider and choose from a vast arrangement of Christmas cookies. I don't know who bakes them but they have the BEST cut-out cookies ever! I need that recipe. I just might ask for it this year. I'll bribe them with a tip. It's usually a school group that's there trying to raise money. I'm forgetting about the trees! We used to ride out to the trees on a horse-drawn hayrack ride thing (which was my favorite because I loved the horses - they're the big Clydesdales) and cut our own tree down. It was the best when it snowed. Now, my mom prefers the Frasier Firs because they've got softer needles and they're pre-cut which is an added bonus to her. I wouldn't mind going the cut-your-own-tree route again. I kind of miss it. This year, Brett is going with us! I can't wait! He'll be the first person outside my family to really get to absorb the whole Prairie Pines experience. It'll be so exciting!

On another note... Four more days of school left. Tomorrow and Thursday, and then next Tuesday and Thursday and I'm done forever! Yay!

So, how'd it go? Find a good one?
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