Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Jiffy Lube

I needed to get my oil changed the other day and I usually go to Saturn. But because of my non-stop schedule, I decided to go to Jiffy Lube because it was close by and I figured, hey it'll only be $20. They don't even have my car in the garage 2 minutes before one of the guys comes in to tell me that I need a motor flush. That they could drain my oil but all that would drain is the liquid stuff but that I have this sludgy buildup that they wouldn't be able to get to and a motor flush would clear that right up. He told me that they could go ahead and change my oil without it but that it'd be a waste of money and it'd be like putting on 3,000 miles after a regular oil change. Now keep in mind that my car is a 2004 Corolla with a little over 25,000 miles on it. Then the doofus had the nerve to come in again and try to tell me that I needed new air filters and all these fluids switched out, blah blah blah. Don't worry, I wasn't suckered into buying anything else. Anyway, after consulting with informed people (none of whom, may I add, had ever heard of a "motor flush" before), there is no way my car would have a "sludgy oil buildup" - it's too new. So instead of only spending $20, I walked out having spent $50 and I have a feeling they didn't do anything extra to my car.

Needless to say, I was livid.

I even emailed one of the local TV stations. They have this thing called Kake on Your Side so if you feel you've been slighted by a local business, they'll look into it and a derogatory story about that company could very well air. So far, I have received an email back saying that they'd look into it and see if they think it's newsworthy enough.

Oh - and my dad called and yelled at the manager. Yay dad!

Moral of the Story: Jiffy Lube is evil - don't give them your business.

I hate anything having to do with car mainenance. I'm sure I'm in need of an oil change. You know that little sticker they put on your window to remind you when you need one? Well, it's totally faded by the sun. There are no visible numbers, just a white sticker. I think that means I definitely need an oil change.
Jiffy Lube always used to tell me I needed a new Serpentine Belt. I could never figure out if it was for the car or if they felt I should accessorize my wardrobe more.
haha! I think they like to invent imaginary car parts to take people's money. That's THEFT!

Newsflash: Jiffy Lube is giving me a refund. My dad does some good yelling, I tell ya. :)
Hey Jill, don't get your oil changed. Let it go till you are running on 3 cylinders like with the old probe. That was neato. And by the way you spelled maintenance wrong.
It was a typo (said in Brett like voice).
The Eater Bunny likes to have mainenance performed on his truck.
On the topic of car places screwing people over...

Two years ago I got four new tires for my car (okay, my dad put it on his credit card, but for the sake of simplicity, they will be referred to as "mine"). When we bought the tires the person at the store informed us that the tires needed were kind of rare, but they had some in stock. They put the tires on, and we also bought insurance, which would give me a new tire if one of them blew out, or whatever. Sure enough, because KU likes to let big pot-holes just get bigger, I hit a pot-hole that was roughly the size of the Grand Canyon (rainy weather hindered my ability to determine depth or if it even existed), and my tire blew out. I went back to the place with the receipt and all, and they told me that they never put those tires on my car. Those f***ing bastards had put tires on my car, but then wrote a different type of tire on the receipt. They couldn't honor the insurance, despite the fact that I knew one of the guys working there. My dad talked to the head guy and bitched him out big time, using cuss words that would probably make Satan himself gasp. We ended up getting a same size tire for like $80, but that place can eat crap. My dad also called everyone he knew and told them not to go to the place (it's called EnTire, used to be called Tires Plus). He almost called Stan Carmack with Call For Action to have them do a negative publicity thing on the company, but he didn't. I think dad is still making a quiet campaign against that store, and rightfully so.

(sorry for the length)
No need to apologize for the length. And WAY worse than mine. You win.
i caught a jiffy lube worker peeing in my windsheild wiper fluid compartment
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